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Meet The Founders of MSN

Colleen Saint Loup


770 Bryson Lane

Midlothian TX  76065

Lisa Isaacson


3425 Warner Ln

Minnetrista, MN 55364

Morgan horse breed. It is not important how long our organization has been active, but our ability to learn, grow and evolve to the needs of those we serve and be able to work in their best interest. Looking back on our journey, we have grown a great deal in this time. And while change…growth…all can be scary, MSN works tirelessly to be open so we can best assist and benefit the Morgan breed as a whole.
Morgan Safenet evolved to a location that has taken in many horses from different scenarios; owner relinquishes, bad situations, auction, Amish homes, and direct from the kill pens. The goal is always to re-evaluate, re-train, and prepare them for a suitable home and to match them with the right person so the home then becomes a lasting one. This is only meant to be a transition time until such home can be found. We strive with the mindset that there is the Right Horse for every person out there. And sometimes this takes time and we find we carry these horses for longer periods than first anticipated, sometimes for life.

Morgan Safenet is not a rescue, however this is something we often do. This often means working with brokers and kill pens.
Morgan Safenet has purchased directly, sometimes at fair market value, to retain a Morgan for redirection back to a job it can be successful. This is repurpose. This is acting before there is a need to rescue later.

Morgan Safenet tries it’s best to offer Morgans in need or at risk a chance at a better, more successful future. Regardless of who you are or the culture you belong or if the horse has retained papers or is without. It means whether you are a trainer, owner, show, pleasure or Amish. The only way to be successful in changing the life of a Morgan in need or at risk is for collaboration to happen. This means working together and to be open to our differences for the sake of the horse.

Morgan Safenet is an all volunteer organization. No one is paid for this work which is full time and never ending. All board members manage full time jobs and life demands on top of our efforts for Morgan Safenet. All money goes directly back to the before stated or into maintaining the horses we have stepped up for until a home match can be found.

We cannot do this work without the support of our followers who are of the same mindset. We force no one to believe in our mission. The best way to support is by sharing and hoping others will see. Build more bridges.

If you are not of these beliefs that is fine. You are entitled. But please do not spend your time posting about why you are against it or critiquing the flaws and imperfections of the horses we are trying to help. No amount of debate on this is supported, will be helpful to the horses, or will change our minds on our mission.

Share. Build. Grow the love for the Morgan horse.

About Us

Morgan Safenet Foundation Inc. (MSN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized under Texas state law. Our EIN is 46-5031216 and founded on April 29, 2014. MSN is an all-volunteer organization with many, including myself, working full-time positions during the day. All monies received completely support our mission, horses and programs. Our headquarters are located in Midlothian, TX 76065, and Colleen Saint Loup is MSN’s President and co-founder. Her contact information is 240.529.3066 or

Morgan Safenet’s journey began in October of 2013, started by three, like minded, strong business women who are passionate for the 

Vicki Bennett


193 Sonora Trail

Royse City, TX 75189