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Blog: Lessons Learned

People ask why all the time....why bad things happen to good Morgans. Below we will start to demonstrate examples. 

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Price and Value. Two words that have many different meanings depending on how one sees them. Value literally means the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something. At which point Price comes into play…the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something. And lets not forget that both of these come at a Cost… which can cause the loss of.

I have worked hard to help create more awareness of the plights our Morgans face. Working all ends of this broad gamut of responsibility and ways the breed continues to loose. People…many types of people let them down from many different markets of the industry. And still when given the benefit of the doubt I am shocked by the responses, stigmas and the mightier than you regard with which some professionals react. While we may not agree from time to time, if we don’t start having a mutual respect and value of the breed, there will be nothing left to fight for and no one left to pass them on to. The one thing I have found a passion for is helping the Amish find new use for the Morgans that are sent their way and don’t work out on the road or need to retire from the road. While some are more scared than others from this job, being Amish is not the end of the line. If you really feel this way then stop the pleas when they land in the kill pens. These Morgans have value and many more go on to serve usefulness and some on to competitive show string.

Todays discussion is prompted by early interactions on the horse in the photo…TRSW Fine & Dandy. Former show horse. He won the 2015 Michigan Horse Breeders Jr English Pleasure Horse Stake. Shown through 2016. 16h and a 2011 model. His problem? Couldn’t find a buyer at the asking price, so off to 2016 Superior Sale he went. An Amish trainer bought him hoping to make some back in the show circuit…knowing he was too nice of a horse for the road. How do I know this? I shared him. I am pretty sure if memory recalls he was only asking $15k… proven, young, big bay fancy gelding…no takers. He had not been on the road at this time. Did he not sell because he was in Amish hands? So they ran him through 2018 Mid A Sale, where I’m sure he brought less…much less. This is where his current owner purchased him. I had checked in after the sale and asked him if he was working. I was not able to get photos then so it passed. Recently a memory popped up and I asked again. Same situation. They had been working with him…giving him time off..but trips more than 6 miles and he would get sore. The photo shows his prior show photos and the right are all current. I will be posting him with his asking price ($4k) in a separate post.

Some of you might be of the mindset for blaming the Amish for purchasing a show horse to run down the road. For those of you that think this way… Superior, Mid A, Buckeye and now White Deer… all Morgan Horse Sales…all quality (meaning NO KILL BUYERS)… the Amish purchase our show horses and use them on the road BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING SENT TO THESE AUCTIONS and there are no show buyers. They are not looking for the show string. This is on us…not them. Now the horse is valued as an Amish Road horse. In Dandy’s case I’m told the price he is asking is pretty presumptuous one to place a value that high on a horse that has been ruined for both worlds - not making a road horse and in his current state he isn't a show horse, meaning he’ll need some type of rehab. Typical translation: remove borium, give time off, don’t trot down heavy pavement. So what then do we say when we can continue to ask $30k, $40k, $60k for a Morgan we feel has a value of? To further comment that he should not be worried about the money but to place him in a good home where he will be off the road… If that thought process worked at the beginning of his sale campaign would he have even made it to where he is today? Or would he have been able to stay connected within the market he could thrive and possibly take a new comer to the show ring?
Dandy did not ask for this hand he’s been dealt. He was one of the lucky ones to have a caring owner. No one batted an eye once the hammer went down. I spent the time to make the connection. Friends connected and got current video and photos, talked with the owner. All of this my free time to help a horse to better situation. All done with each horses best interest in mind and the only benefit being seeing that new connection happen. My time. My cost. No profit but hopefully to the breed.

I’m not looking for critics, judgments or to convince anyone who has no interest in understanding the facts. Non of this is assumptions. All of this is experience. Discussions need to happen. More examples will be coming through because if at least awareness can happen maybe more people will ask more questions. If you don’t want your connection to my example shared…maybe you should consider setting a better example.

You don’t want the cost of rehabbing… the value of what a horse has to offer the right person should outweigh the price asked and still maintain it’s value.

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