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Our Stand on Breeding

MSN will continue to support responsible breeding programs and has this outlined within the adoption contract.

BREEDING. Breeding may be allowed if the horse in question is a registered mare or stallion. It must be stated at the time of adoption that breeding is the intended use of the horse. MSNF does not often get stallions. Should the adopted horse be a stallion, to be used for breeding, the same types of responsible guidelines need to be used. MSNF considers responsible breeding guidelines to include the following:

  • The Adopter will agree to have a plan for each foal, which includes age appropriate training, care, and if the resulting foal is sold, the Adopter will do everything within reason to secure a good home and keep up on the foal’s whereabouts. Each foal will be registered.
  • No resulting foal shall be sold through auction, horse broker, feed lot or other situation where a reasonable person could understand the horse may end up in the slaughter pipeline
  • The Adopter of the stallion, mare and/or her foals will receive appropriate vet and farrier care
  • The Adopter will not breed more foals than can be reasonably cared for
  • The mare will no longer be bred if significant complications arise
  • The adopted horse will be trained to ride or drive so the horse maintains value to the general horse owning public should the adopter need to re-home her or she should become unsound for breeding.

The breed  is small and registration numbers are low. It is important to the breed as a whole to respect, protect and promote lineage.