Everyone is always wanting to know how they can help. Funds are low. They can't adopt. It's not the right timing. So what can you do? Share the love of the Morgan with others! Find people looking for a horse, ready for a new partner, and talk to them about the Morgan breed. You never know who is looking that might be swayed to try something new.

Meet Claire...

Claire and her family purchased Derawanda Top Man, now called Chase, from a Direct Amish Sales listing. At first they were hesitant about choosing a Morgan horse. They had known Thoroughbreds and jumping ponies for so long. Would a Morgan be enough of what they needed to do the job...eventing. 

Top Man had been on the sales list with interest but never a committed buyer. Claire had been out to try Top Man one time and he did great but he wasn't getting the idea of jumping too well with what was available at the time of the ride to see if he would even do it. They tried another horse but always in the back of their mind was this big black beauty.

When the trial of the horse Claire chose didn't pan out, they contacted me again about Top Man. I encouraged them to go out again, bring an actual jump, and really see if there's a difference. I couldn't tell them to buy the horse, they had to fall in love with him. I did give them all the reasons why I loved what I saw so far and why I thought he would make an excellent fit. Well a fit he was and he has been ever since!

This Christmas Claire got Top Man, now called Chase, a full outfit, matching for her as well, of embroidered AMHA products to promote the Morgan at events she will be attending. Events where not many Morgans are in her area! She has gotten the book all about the Morgan horse and purchased AMHA promotional materials, all on her own to promote this loved breed to others! She is a first time Morgan owner and she is wanting others to see the beauty she and her family now sees in this breed!

This is what we really need...more Claire's! More new blood! More first time Morgan owners and people who love this breed already to share their love and inspire others!

Take Claire's lead...go out and PROMOTE WHAT YOU LOVE..THE MORGAN!!

Every Morgan Matters!