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DNA match to Morgan Betty
(Good Value Joe x Conemmera Kerry)
Registered Chestnut Mare

This mare was purchased in the kill pen with a registered Morgan gelding, JML Morning Starlight. Not much was known. She did take a rider at the lot however no further evaluation has been done at this time until a level of trust has been built. Was just used as a broodmare.

LOCATED: Eminence KY


What is "End of Days"? The EOD is a collaborative initiative that Morgan Safenet and The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation support to address the older, harder to place horses we come both come across in our programs. Often these horses aren't ready to be euthanized based on physical, behavioral or quality of life assessments, but are not supported by funding either.

As winter approaches we will be highlighting several EOD horses. The best ways to help them are to share their posts, assess your situation and offer an EOD spot or agree to be a recurring monthly donor toward their care and EOD expenses.

If you select to help an EOD horse the placement fee is waived, there may be some hauling assistance available and when the time comes the costs associated with euthanasia are covered. For more information contact colleen@morgansafenet.com or jenn@saddlebredlegacy.com  You can also go ahead and submit an application to home here or get on a recurring monthly payment for the horse of your choice through our donation button or by mailing a check directly to Morgan Safenet, 770 Bryson Lane, Midlothian TX 76065.

HVK Noble Tempo

(Noble Flaire x Tedwin in Tempo)
Registered Bay Gelding
Foaled 1995

Tempo is making a return appearance on the available list. He first came into the program in April of 2016 and went to foster shortly thereafter. His winning personality quickly turned him into a foster fail and he officially adopted by his current owner later that summer. She contacted us for assistance in re-placing him and we are happy to do so. Tempo has a class A show record in pleasure driving and enenglish pleasure all across the midwest and New England and made an appearance or two at Oklahom with respectable placings. This guy knows his job riding and driving, but has been living a life of leisure for awhile and will need a refresher.​



(DNA no match)
Bay Mare
Foaled 2002

Breeze is easy to keep, great ground manners, and she is NOT recommended for a kid or beginner. She is insulin resistant so would need a comparible diet. She rides western and english and does drive. She has navicular and can only be limited or light use.