ways to donate

Morgan Safenet is a 501c3. Donations are tax deductible by law. A copy of our determination letter is under forms/links tab.

Currently much of the work is privately funded by a sponsor with a few donations slowly trickling in. Every little bit can make a difference as costs and expenses to maintain the horses MSN pulls while they continue to look for an appropriate match do add up. Everything from quarantine, purchase, to medical and transport as well as training if needed to ensure a horse have a chance at the right home. If you can help fund this work, it is appreciated. 

​Please consider donating via Paypal at colleen@morgansafenet.com or by choosing one of the appropriate buttons below to check out.

Checks can be mailed directly to:  Morgan Safenet Foundation INC, 770 Bryson Lane, Midlothian, TX 76065

The horses appreciate your support!!

Every Morgan Matters!   

We are also Donor Box enabled. Below is a list of ways you can donate to support our continued efforts on the horses we serve. Just because they are pulled does not end the expenses. We carry them till a suitable home can be found. Donor Box links to our PayPal and funding should be immediate. They also generate an immediate tax receipt for your records. Please consider a one time donation or monthly sponsorship in any amount! Every penny counts and goes directly toward the horses.

support the end of days program!

What is "End of Days"? The EOD is a collaborative initiative that Morgan Safenet and The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation support to address the older, harder to place horses we come both come across in our programs. Often these horses aren't ready to be euthanized based on physical, behavioral or quality of life assessments, but are not supported by funding either.

As winter approaches we will be highlighting several EOD horses. The best ways to help them are to share their posts, assess your situation and offer an EOD spot or agree to be a recurring monthly donor toward their care and EOD expenses. There are also several permanent residents in need of support. Every little bit helps. Average monthly cost per horse is $200. Trims are $40 every 6-8 weeks. Horses are available by visiting our End Of Days Homes page...or click here.

If you select to help an EOD horse the placement fee is waived, there may be some hauling assistance available and when the time comes the costs associated with euthanasia are covered. For more information contact colleen@morgansafenet.com