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Questions about DNA

Not all horses we pull have papers. We do make it a policy to DNA every horse that comes in without papers on the chance that we can again connect them to their former owners and/or get history and a name. Sometimes we are not successful, but in a lot of cases we are and this valuable information helps to better place a horse.

MSN does not sell the kits. We purchase them through The American Morgan Horse Association. Member cost is $50. Below is information on how to go about it yourself:

We get asked all the time on how to do this so here are some simple steps to follow. There is no guarantee by doing DNA that you will get results to match a horse to it's papers however we feel that it is worth the $50 gamble.

This is how it works for the Morgans. We do not know the results for other breeds.

1. DNA tests can be ordered through the American Morgan Horse Association by calling the registry at 1.802.985.4944 listen for prompts to take you to the registry department.

2. The registry will ask you name and approximate age, mare or gelding. You can name your horse with your last name and nick name of choosing. For example (JONES ~ SUGAR)

3. The cost for the kit is $50. The kit consists of a form with instructions on how to pull the hair, where to place the hair on the form, and where to mail the kit back. This kit can be mailed to you snail mail or emailed out if you have a way to print.

4. You pull 20-30 mane OR tail hairs with bulb roots attached, tape to form without touching the roots. Mail to the lab.

5. Once the lab receives the hair, results they found, positive or negative, will be sent to the AMHA registry. The registry will then notify you either way with no match, any possibles found, or direct matches.

6. If there is a direct match, the tracing back of prior owners to sign transfers begins. In the end you will need to sign the transfer your self, pay fees, submit photos and forms for duplicate registration. There will be transfer fees, fees if the horse is registerable but had never been registered, and duplication papers fees. Fees are different depending on whether you are a member or not.

With adoptions and adoption contracts there is a time of waive with no response from prior owners where registration will transfer after a period should no response be heard from priors. It is a little more difficult and time consuming with direct purchases.

None of the results are immediate so patience is required. The registry is quite helpful in the process.

For more info on DNA and to find the forms needed along with mailing and 800 numbers, please visit

The AMHA DNA test will only prove parentage of registered Morgans. It can not tell you for sure if your horse is a Morgan. Texas A & M University Equine study does offer a DNA breed test for $35. You don't have to know registration. Simply fill out form on what you know and guess the breed of your horse to be, mail in hairs same as above, and they will test with percentages found on what breeds show up. For example one Morgan mare I did showed to be 50% Morgan, 40% Paso and 10% Shetland. Follow instructions on the form and click here to download.