(DNA Pending)
Registered Chestnut Mare
Estimated late teens

On intake; cough and snotty nose. Pinfired in the front. Sweet disposition. Former Amish horse is presumed.



(DNA Pending)
Morgan Gelding
15yrs (Estimated)
We are calling him Pelz...short for....

"West of New York, in Pennsylvania, many German farmers had also heard of Saint Nikolaas. But they called him Pelznickel. This word came from “pelz,” meaning fur, and “nickel” for Nicholas. And so, to the Germans of Pennsylvania, Saint Nicholas or Pelznickel was a man dressed in fur who came once a year with gifts for good children."

Pelz was picked up by our horse care provider in PA specifically to haul to New Holland Auction this coming Monday. Knowing the fate of many there...it being that time of year...well it's sometimes hard to look away.

Pelz is said to be too slow for the road. He's a good 15h+, solid guy, around 15yrs(ish) and no papers. He is said to be a better rider than a driver. His owner accepted $500 for him in lue of sending him to auction.

MSN is looking for recovering $500 for his fee, $50 DNA test and coverage for Dec and Jan board that is anticipated before he's placed at $14/day. Pelz is also looking for a home or foster! He is healthy and did not cycle through auction so quarantine is not needed.

If you can donate please use colleen@paypal.com or through our website at MorganSafenet.com.

If you can offer a home or foster, please apply via our website, unless you are already approved, then you can email or message us. All information is available on our website and there are Notes on our Facebook regarding our policies.

Help is needed in many ways. If you can't do any of the above, please refrain from negative comments and hit that share button!

Thanks in advance!

Contact: Colleen SaintLoup 240-529-3066

hope grove isiah

(Obsidian x WCM Mandy Morgan)
Registered Morgan Gelding
Foaled 1999

Isiah was ridden through 2004 Buckeye. He has been their primary driver for 14yrs. Excellent condition. Not for beginner.


brenneman's blazer girl

(Blazer T Spirit x Elegance with a Flair)
Registered Chestnut Mare
Foaled 2004

Halle has been a bit of a "wild child" since intake. Her current foster has done amazing with her getting her to trust again but Halle is ready to move on and see what she can learn. Janine Wilson in NC has offered to take her in her training program and see what she can do to bring this sweet mare along! She may have chosen Janine!



The horses listed here have either just been taken in to quarantine or need further rehab and evaluation. In all cases they are not currently available. They will eventually need a home or foster to land once they become available. If you are interested in any horses here, please email admin@morgansafenet.com with your details and interest.

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