Every Morgan Matters!   

Photo credit: Caitlyn Reason

Our mission

Morgan Safenet Foundation, Inc started up in October of 2013. On April 29, 2014, MSN became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.

Morgan Safenet is not a “rescue” organization, however the rescue of Morgans at risk in kill pen and broker situations is one aspect of what we do. Our Mission Statement of “Recovering, Retraining and Rehoming” has many faces. But all Morgans adopted or sold through us go with our adoption contract.

Coming 2017, MSN will continue to educate the public at large, trainers, and Morgan lovers about the plight of the breed. Promote it to encourage new love of the breed at large and be a positive, supportive resource for any in need. 

MSN will continue working directly with owners and Amish in need of helping to rehome or resell their Morgans as alternative to auction. Horses are evaluated and a fair market value is determined based on what is thought they would bring competitively. We hope to continue to build a stronger network and serve to repurpose before they become in need of saving.

Our hope has always been, that by providing an open site for a strong network of diverse Morgan family members to come together, we can help the breed through the power unity and collective purpose. The HORSE is the focus of Morgan Safenet and we strongly feel a whole network of devoted individuals - a Safenet, if you will - is stronger together than any of the parts alone.

Our breed continues on a downward spiral to a critical breaking point. Registrations continue to decline and old bloodlines are disappearing.  Great shows are gone, and all over entries are down. We cannot afford to lose any Morgan. The effort to preserve them is constant and ongoing.  Morgans are showing up at auctions every week, and for each precious one, there are only a few days, or even hours to save them.  Morgans with bloodlines that are now on the brink of extinction. It’s time to come together and re-market this breed to prevent that from happening. 

Morgan Safenet will continue to evolve in whatever ways allow us to better support the promotion and survival of this breed we hold dear.

RECOVER     ~     RETRAIN     ~     REHOME   

BEFORE rescue is needed.