EIN: 46-5031216    DLN: 17053188331004

Second Pass ~ Show Horse Project

This is a new project that is coming together to help horses find a new connection when they have passed their usefulness with their current owner. The horses in this program have been in the show ring, in a show family or have experience in a job where they have been there, done that and are ready to carry an Entry Level show person or someone looking to get back in at some level. It does not have to be formal show ring it could also be new areas of trail or western dressage. This will hopefully be a connection point to give a horse a sense of usefulness while also allowing the owner peace of mind. This does not have to be a sale situation it could also be a lease. We would help connect people to the right horse.

This is in the very infancy stage. If you have a horse that might be a good fit for this program and you'd like to learn  more, please contact me directly:

Colleen Saint Loup

Morgan Safenet President