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Subscription Program

We have decided to initiate an education piece. For  $12/mo if you subscribe this will give you access to our Morgan Safenet Spotlight Facebook Group. There is a trial period of $5 for the first month, of which if you don't feel it's for you can be cancelled.

Within the group we will share training techniques, our relationship with the Amish, rehab procedures, auction views and other Morgan horse related topics. We will dedicate portions to our focus on the Youth Trainer Alliance and have open (or hope to if I can figure it out) Live Feed Q & A sessions.

The proceeds of this will all go toward our general operating expenses.

This will take time to grow but we do hope to make it a very special and worthwhile education process while supporting our mission.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly. $12 is the cost of giving up 2 specialty coffees a month. Hopefully this is worthwhile and affordable for everyone.

Colleen Saint Loup
Morgan Safenet President