Not all horses we pull have papers. We do make it a policy to DNA every horse that comes in without papers on the chance that we can again connect them to their former owners and/or get history and a name. Sometimes we are not successful, but in a lot of cases we are and this valuable information helps to better place a horse.

MSN does not sell the kits. We purchase them through The American Morgan Horse Association. Member cost is $50. Below is information on how to go about it yourself:

We get asked all the time on how to do this so here are some simple steps to follow. There is no guarantee by doing DNA that you will get results to match a horse to it's papers however we feel that it is worth the $50 gamble.

This is how it works for the Morgans. We do not know the results for other breeds.

1. DNA tests can be ordered through the American Morgan Horse Association by calling the registry at 1.802.985.4944 listen for prompts to take you to the registry department.

2. The registry will ask you name and approximate age, mare or gelding. You can name your horse with your last name and nick name of choosing. For example (JONES ~ SUGAR)

3. The cost for the kit is $50. The kit consists of a form with instructions on how to pull the hair, where to place the hair on the form, and where to mail the kit back. This kit can be mailed to you snail mail or emailed out if you have a way to print.

4. You pull 20-30 mane OR tail hairs with bulb roots attached, tape to form without touching the roots. Mail to the lab.

5. Once the lab receives the hair, results they found, positive or negative, will be sent to the AMHA registry. The registry will then notify you either way with no match, any possibles found, or direct matches.

6. If there is a direct match, the tracing back of prior owners to sign transfers begins. In the end you will need to sign the transfer your self, pay fees, submit photos and forms for duplicate registration. There will be transfer fees, fees if the horse is registerable but had never been registered, and duplication papers fees. Fees are different depending on whether you are a member or not.

With adoptions and adoption contracts there is a time of waive with no response from prior owners where registration will transfer after a period should no response be heard from priors. It is a little more difficult and time consuming with direct purchases.

None of the results are immediate so patience is required. The registry is quite helpful in the process.

For more info on DNA and to find the forms needed along with mailing and 800 numbers, please visit


The AMHA DNA test will only prove parentage of registered Morgans. It can not tell you for sure if your horse is a Morgan. Texas A & M University Equine study does offer a DNA breed test for $35. You don't have to know registration. Simply fill out form on what you know and guess the breed of your horse to be, mail in hairs same as above, and they will test with percentages found on what breeds show up. For example one Morgan mare I did showed to be 50% Morgan, 40% Paso and 10% Shetland. Follow instructions on the form and click here to download.


Not sure you're ready to add a permanent family member but have the skills and ability to work with some of our residents to help make them more adoptable? The foster is the key in helping unlock each horses true potential to hopefully find the right home match. MSNF looks for accurate input on the foster's abilities and also feedback on the horse they feel they are best suited to be matched with so that a good relationship can begin from the start.

MSN has been working directly with owners and Amish in need of helping to rehome or resell their Morgans as alternative to auction. Horses are evaluated and a fair market value is determined based on what is thought they would bring competitively. This allows for repurposing/rehoming as an alternative to the auction cycle.

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mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, promote and protect.

recent pROJECTS

MSN is working on expanding the Youth Trainer Alliance as well as a stronger End of Days Program with retirement locations.



Sometimes the horses need a little extra work and rehab. Horses either come to the Midlothian TX location for further training and evaluation or MSN seeks the help of many qualified trainers who have volunteered their time and/or discounted services to help a Morgan in need. Upon evaluation, adoption fees are based on market value of progress of each horse.


MSN is made up of entirely all volunteers. None of the donations go toward a salary and all is used for the Morgans we serve..



MSN will continue to educate the public at large, trainers, and Morgan lovers about the plight of the breed. Promote it to encourage new love of the breed at large and be a positive, supportive resource for any in need.

Give a second chance to a Morgan once at risk by giving him/her new purpose and a forever home! Adopters are able to adopt direct from an at risk situation or rehome or after a horse has been able to be evaluated. Either way it's a second chance at a great life for a Morgan.


RETURN POLICY.  MSNF has commitment to all its horses: to care for them for the lifetime of each horse. The Adopter agrees that if he or she is unwilling or unable to care for the adopted horse for its entire lifetime, he or she will contact MSNF and return the adopted horse to a location specified by MSNF. The Adopter understands that he or she is responsible for the care of the horse until he or she has delivered it into the proper MSNF hands, and will do everything within his or her power to safely return the horse.

The Adopter agrees that in the event that he or she finds a suitable alternative home for the horse, he or she will contact MSNF with the name, address and phone number of the proposed new adopter. And proposed new adopter will be required to complete a MSNF adoption application and other requirements for adoption and obtain approval from MSNF in writing before adopting the horse. Under no circumstances shall the Adopter transfer permanent custody, ownership or possession of the horse to any one entity, including family or friends or entity or agency without written consent of MSNF.

At no time can the adopted horse be transferred or resold at any type of auction, horse broker, feed lot or slaughter destination.

NO SLAUGHTER/NO AUCTION. The undersigned agrees that this animal will only be transferred privately and will not be resold at any type of auction, to a known horse broker, feed lot or slaughter destination. In the event the undersigned fails to comply with the terms of this Adoption Contract, MSNF reserves the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the horse, and the undersigned shall be liable for all costs including damages, inclusive of attorney’s fees, in connection with such legal proceeding. MSNF also reserves the right to re-poses the horse, with or without notice, if the horse is in any situation that presents to MSNF as life threatening.

EUTHANSIA. The Adopter agrees not to euthanize the adopted horse because the Adopter cannot afford necessary veterinary treatment. The Adopter agrees to contact MSN before euthanizing the adopted horse. At its discretion, MSNF has the right to take ownership and possession of the adopted horse to save the animal from euthanasia. This provision does not apply in dire situations when the horse is suffering and needs to be immediately euthanized.

CARE OF THE HORSE. The Adopter agrees to care for the adopted horse for his/her lifetime. Care for the animal is at the Adopter’s sole expense. MSNF considers responsible basic care guidelines to include the following:

  • Providing quality food, including minerals, vitamins, salt block, and fresh, unfrozen water.
  • Providing overhead shelter from snow, rain, wind and sun.
  • Providing care for any special needs the horse has or develops.
  • Providing proper medical and health care to the horse, including but not limited to the following:Proper veterinary treatment for injuries and illness, Annual vaccinations, Following regular de-worming schedule, Annual dental care

VETERINARY CARE. The Adopter agrees to provide the horse with the necessary vaccinations as advised by his or her veterinarian. The Adopter agrees to obtain immediate veterinary care should the horse become sick or injured, and take full financial responsibility for any veterinary expenses.

VETERINARY RECORDS. The Adopter authorizes MSNF to review the veterinary records of the adopted animal. A copy of this agreement is sufficient authorization from the Adopter to any veterinarian to release records to MSNF.

BREEDING. Breeding may be allowed if the horse in question is a registered mare or stallion. It must be stated at the time of adoption that breeding is the intended use of the horse. MSNF does not often get stallions. Should the adopted horse be a stallion, to be used for breeding, the same types of responsible guidelines need to be used. MSNF considers responsible breeding guidelines to include the following:

The Adopter will agree to have a plan for each foal, which includes age appropriate training, care, and if the resulting foal is sold, the Adopter will do everything within reason to secure a good home and keep up on the foal’s whereabouts. Each foal will be registered.

  • No resulting foal shall be sold through auction, horse broker, feed lot or other situation where a reasonable person could understand the horse may end up in the slaughter pipeline
  • The Adopter of the stallion,  mare and/or her foals will receive appropriate vet and farrier care
  • The Adopter will not breed more foals than can be reasonably cared for
  • The mare will no longer be bred if significant complications arise

The adopted horse will be trained to ride or drive so the horse maintains value to the general horse owning public should the adopter need to re-home her or she should become unsound for breeding

INSPECTION. The Adopter agrees that MSNF or its representative can perform in-person or telephone follow-up checks, including unannounced facility visits, on the adopted horse. If MSNF decides the adopted horse is inadequately cared for , MSNF has the right to immediately take possession of the horse. The Adopter gives MSNF or its representatives the right to enter the Adpoter’s property for the purpose of inspecting the adopted horse or taking possession of the adopted horse according to the provisions of this agreement.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. In the event the Adopter moves, he or she agrees to contact MSNF with change of address information, so that records can be updated.

SEIZURES OR IMPOUNDMENT OF THE ADOPTED HORSE. If the horse for any reason be picked up by local law enforcement or animal control, the Adopter will immediately contact MSNF by phone or email and inform MSNF directly that the horse has been picked up and impounded and the horse’s location. The Adopter shall also inform the authorities holding the horse that the horse is under the ultimate ownership of MSNF, provide contact information for MSNF to the authorities and request that the authorities contact MSNF immediately.

FOSTER CARE.  It is agreed that ownership of the fostered horse is not being transferred to the foster or foster home.The foster may promote the foster horse but the horse may not be transferred in any way to the custody of another person with out written approval from MSNF and not before the adoptee has filled out the adoption application, waiver,agreement and has been approved as the new owner.

Foster understands that the horse in their care remains available for adoption and may be adopted at anytime. Should MSNF receive an application in on the horse in foster, the foster home will be notified and the foster has 72 hours from notification to state whether or not they wish to adopt the horse in their care and initiate right of first refusal.   

Foster understands that they are responsible for day to day expenses of said horse(feed, housing, farrier, shots, ordinary vet care. Anything above that, such asx-rays or euthanasia is the responsibility or MSNF and needs prior approvalbefore service is rendered. Should emergency care be required, MSNF needs to be notified a soon as possible, but service should not impede should the safety of the horse be at risk.

If the foster horse is a mare and turns out to be in foal, the foal comes under the same terms of this agreement. Foster should notify MSNF as soon as this is known and advise if foster is still able to care for the mare and unborn foal in question and be able to have proper conditions for her to foal out if necessary.

Foster is responsible for:

  • Adequate rehabilitation and ground handling of foster horse
  • Advise and work with foster horse on it’s abilities, such as driving or riding (age appropriate and ability appropriate)
  • Relay regular updates on his/her progress for marketing of said horse
  • Send regular update photos for marketing of said horse

Every Morgan Matters!