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Please Consider a Donation...

2020 has been a difficult year.  It has created a variety of challenges and changes for everyone.  The one thing that has remained a constant, is the need for helping the Morgan Horse.  At times the calls for need exceed what we can financially support.  COVID-19 has been all consuming for everyone and the donations, grants and adoptions have all been down.  When and where we can, Morgan Safenet has graciously stepped up.

We started this year with very positive changes to our structure and then....well, it seemed like the bottom fell out.  Once we felt like we had gotten ahead, we would be faced with unexpected expenses just to maintain.  

The biggest tragedy was the loss of 12 Morgans to euthanasia.  Sickness, severe colic and severe lameness, had a significant impact on our funds.  We know this is part of what we do as a non-profit and as responsible equine owners, but never before have we faced this degree of tragedy in one year.

On another note, we were able to help 6 Morgans avoid the auction cycle, or worse.

We recovered one registered mare, former show partner, from a Kill pen in Texas. She was returned to her original home in NH where she is now teaching her former owners young son, taking him to his first show.

We were able to recover two others from the same sale and place them in show homes.  Often our greatest strength is the ability to act quickly.

Our mission for 2021 is to increase awareness and bring attention to Morgans ‘in transition’ waiting for their person to provide them with a loving and caring home.  

In addition to veterinary and farrier care, the Morgans in our care receive competency evaluations so that they may have the perfect match.

The biggest impact to our community is the youth.  We have several youth here at our facility in Midlothian, TX who spend countless hours of their time working with  these horses.  There is nothing that brings us more joy than seeing a horse that has shied away from any and all touch, reach out a nose to a youth that has been working for sometimes months for that one simple response.  To many it may seem like a small thing however, to these horses and their handlers, it’s monumental.

In this season of giving, as this year comes to a close, won’t you consider a monetary or in-kind donation to support our mission and the work we do here at Morgan Safenet.

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Colleen Saint Loup
Morgan Safenet Foundation INC