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Morgan Safenet's Youth Trainer Alliance

Youth of today... trainers of tomorrow... inspire...

These young ladies are the foundation of Morgan Safenet's Youth Trainer Alliance Program. They have each been assigned a rescued or repurposed Morgan available through the Morgan Safenet Program to work with under the guidance of HorseFeathers Equine Facility where the horses are located. They will have the opportunity to compete locally and regionally throughout the year, ending with an opportunity to compete at the Morgan GrandNational. They have been awarded the Harry Sebring Memorial Grant which will help toward those expenses of showing. We hope to further be able to expand on this program by October during the Grand National by having the opportunity for some other accomplished youth to apply toward a horse they would take for a show season.

If you are a youth, age 14-21, and would be in search of a horse to work with as a project to expand your training knowledge and skill please email us today to be considered.

What to consider:
You will need a consenting adult's permission. You will need a sponsor for any fees covered to work with a trainer and the horse. You will need to go through a basic application check and we will need the contact of the trainer or adult amateur you will be consulting with for experience.

Please contact  me directly if  you would like to be considered.

Colleen Saint Loup

Morgan Safenet President