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Home for the Holidays Special!

Now through December 31st! You must be an approved adopter! MSN will cover transport of your adopted Morgan to get them home for the holidays! (up to 50% or $500 whichever is the lowest.) Help get these babies home for the holidays! Apply here or email


Many of you are wondering about the rest of the herd of the Easter Twilight Morgans and what their status is. There are many that are to be commended for their collaborative efforts in placing the first group of eighteen. Forever Morgans, Solitude Morgan Rescue, and private parties came together and got a large group placed quickly. Cindy & Tom Noll are to be commended for their assistance with the broker, photography, information, quarantine, transport and more. The broker and his connections with the current owners and their willingness to all work toward the best out come for this precious herd. The point is: it takes a village in an effort so important to the breed and so massive to take on.

When there was deadline set with the first load for Sunday the 21st and seven were still unsold, Morgan SafeNet stepped up and bought those seven. It was becoming apparent, that all these horses would continue to be moved through with deadlines. Deadlines where not all would be at risk to not being placed in time, and what all these horses needed most was time. At that point MSN reached out to three generous donors who put up the funds to purchase the entire herd. All are safe. They are not all moved off the property yet, but they are all safe.

This is a huge endeavor. One we didn’t anticipate taking on. However things moved quickly into place with a great team of knowledgeable, trusted people on location who had contact with many resources to be able to safely get such a huge job done. With the intake of the first 7 as a dry run, a plan was organized for each to be seen by a vet who evaluated on sex, age, general health, shots and coggins, as well as safe facilities to hold and manage the herd for eventual fostering, adoption and/or direct purchase.

A new group FB page is in the process of being set up where you can follow the horses as the information becomes available. The FB group is Easter Twilight Horses. The seven from the first group is already posted there. Once the page becomes live we will share the link. ( )

1. If you are offering to foster, please email your contact phone, address, and what you are offering to take on; mare, weanling, yearling, etc, your experience, so that we may contact you directly. Managing PM's is hard to share. It's easier to have that all in an email at least ~ hands on. OR submit our foster application found under the "Apply Here!" tab.

2. Donations toward care of, boarding, etc. ANY dollar amount is going to help offset this work. We have had a lot come in and we are thankful for any help. Paypal OR mail a check to Morgan Safenet, 770 Bryson Lane, Midlothian TX 76065 A separate account is being set up to manage funds incoming for this herd project only.
Please note your donations as Eastern Twilight Herd.

3. Trainers willing to donate training time at the boarding facility in the Port Crane, NY area. Please email specifics and contact information to

The first wave went very smoothly and we are so thankful to all involved on the ground! Everyone is ready for the next load. Purchasing and adoption will be allowed as information comes in on each horse. We are also awaiting the DNA registry paperwork. Please be patient in the process.

For those of you who follow our page, we often talk about “taking a leap of faith”. This is our leap of faith, leap taken on faith that it was the right thing to do for the best interest of the horses. We now ask you to join in and take the leap with us. Follow their stories and join in the journeys! Support the efforts put into play by a GREAT group of volunteers on the ground! This is not a rescue as much as it is a restoration project! Valuable Morgan lineage the breed cannot afford to loose!

Questions? Call or text, 240-529-3066 or email

Colleen, Lisa and Vicki
Morgan Safenet Founders, 
and the whole MSN team

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