Have you been considering adoption? Not sure if you want to commit? Consider Fostering...

Fostering is very rewarding. Getting the horses out of risk is just the first step in getting them ready to adopt. Fosters provide a safe and loving enviornment where wounded hearts and bodies can mend. Fosters evalulate the horse’s skills and give them a “tune up” to get them ready for their new home.

Even if you don't have a place of your own, fosters could sponsor the current horse at the boarding facility or submit to foster at a boarding facility of their choice. Either way the foster is responsible for the horses care and upkeep, which frees up donated funds to recover others. Without the help of fosters, we are just not able to continue to do as much because of the overhead involved in caring for the ones we have in a paid situation waiting their turn at being homed.

Fostering gives you the opportunity to meet a potential match up front and participate in their rehabilitation. Does foster to adopt work? It sure does! It works so often that we now call it “Foster Fail”.

As the foster you are given the choice to adopt first should an application come in on your foster. Our foster & adoption policies are outlined on our website, click here. The application process is easy and all online and electronic, click here. We do our best with your input to match you with the best fit available.

For NEW fosters! If you apply to become an MSN foster between February 1, 2016 and before March 1st, 2016, MSN will waive the recoup of the transport fee up to $500. If you choose to adopt your foster within 30 days, your adoption fee is 1/2 off.

This offer is ONLY good for current MSN adoptables currently in board, qt or a paid situation! Not for MSN adoptables currently being fostered. The offer is also to promote new fosters to apply, and not for current fosters already in our program. Please look for the Mardi Gras Mask near each available post on our website.

*Current fees on horses are subject to change, pending current evaluations and fair market values.

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MSNF is a 501(c)(3)non-profit. Our EIN is 46-5031216

Morgan SafeNet pauses to reflect on what we've been able to accomplish with your help. In the last 26 months Morgan SafeNet has helped 195 Morgans, 36 of which were pulled without their papers and have been identified as registerable! During this same time period only around 600 foals were registered (down from over 3000 a decade ago). With a decline in Morgan numbers, we can’t afford to lose any Morgans. It is only with your continued support that MSN can continue our work in helping Morgans from being lost.

Morgan SafeNet is much more than a traditional breed rescue; that is only one aspect of what we do. MSN also works directly with the Amish and other Morgan owners as a re-home facilitator. MSN is meant to be a virtual nationwide network of Morgan lovers coming together to strengthen and help the breed.

MSN is proud to announce Bryna Watson has joined our Board as Director of Public Relations! Bryna is a long time Morgan breeder and exhibitor, whose outstanding horses have brought many to the Breed. Her knowledge of Morgans and the people who love them, gives her unique insight into crafting solutions to the Breed's problem of diminishing numbers.

Morgan Safenet's goal is to support all areas of our Morgan community. MSN works with all segments of our industry to balance input and be a catalyst for solutions.

MSN invites you to view our website to see our policies, follow and like us on Facebook. Join us in open conversation to find ways to come together to fight for the breed’s survival. The situation is urgent and complicated. Standing separately in different areas of the community, pointing the blame at others as being the source of problem for the Breed's decline is no longer an option. The Breed we love needs us to continue to stand by them, to light their way, to bring them home.

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Colleen Saint Loup

Lisa Isaacson

Vicki Bennett

Welcome To Morgan Safenet Foundation, Inc.

Optimizing the existing Morgan population through Recovery - Retraining - Rehoming.​​

February is the month of love! And we definitely love and support this breed!  

For all of us involved with Morgan Safenet, donors, adopters, fosters, founders and volunteers, every Morgan is priceless.

We have said from our beginning that we are not a “rescue” organization, though that is part of what we do.  Our motto of  “Recovering, Retraining and Rehoming” has many faces: saves of Morgans at risk, owner rehomes, owner surrenders and Direct Amish Sales.  As of today we are at 200 and counting!

Today it has another face: Breeding

We are proud to announce that Jim Sanders and Colleen have entered into a partnership to stand his stallion, PKW Phoenix at her location, Horsefeathers in Midlothian, TX.  All proceeds from breeding contracts will be donated to MSN!  This is horses helping horses!

Phoenix has Ben Don, Orcland, and Government...Getting those lines back on the ground for the future of the breed. Phoenix is a dark bay stallion who tends to throw dark bay or black. Phoenix has winnings in the Open English Pleasure & Driving Divisions in New England Region and in Tampa, FL. PKW Personality (CH) is his offspring and also a proven winner in the show arena. Phoenix passes on his presence, confirmation, mindset, and willingness to please to his foals. This would be an opportunity to cross some older lines and dynamic Morgan personality!

While many breeds produce too many horses, this is not true of the Morgan breed.  Our numbers are shrinking as is our gene pool.  Our AMHA mission is to “Preserve, Promote and Perpetuate” the breed.  We support this mission with our work.  We have never prevented a qualified adopter from breeding a suitable Registered Morgan, though our contract has strict rules about caring for the mare and plan for any foal produced, as should be the responsible gage for any breeder or horse owner.

MSN has recently acquired several horses that have either been competition horses or have that potential.  MSN invests in training on these horses which adds cost, but also value.  MSN will be repricing these horses to reflect value added, allowing them to be sold at competitive market prices, again the horses helping the horses.

Below are a few listed who will be subject to a reflection of pricing as they are further evaluated and show potential as show, CDE, or beginner safe horses. For now the will be listed as TBD while this evaluation period continues.

Shadow Creek Nite Command 

Quietude Mountaineer 

Starlight Edition

JAX Dust Bunny 

LAH Lizzie 

UVM Victory 

Cama’s Mist Wind Rider

FPS Rags Silver Jazz 

Windsom Hills Kit 

Fire Walker Prince O’Harts 

Winter ~ DNA TBD 

Windcaster Grand Ellegance 

Flaire Lady Belle 

Kagany Acres Aire Master 

DRF Daddy’s Girl 

Legendary Alexander Flame

We hope that everyone will be as excited as we are about these opportunities let the horses help us raise more money for their fellow horses!

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