Making Morgans Merry this Holiday

Morgan Safenet is offering Twice the Blessings this holiday season! Half price adoption fees and matching dollars on donations! These specials will be running November 1st through December 31st of 2015. Winter is typically the hardest time of year in rescue and re-homing and we need to make some room so we can continue to help horses at risk.

MATCHING DONATIONS!! We have a sponsor who will match any donation made from November 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015! Every dollar counts in being able to help…no donation is too small…donations are tax deductible! We have 2,800 followers here on FB. If everyone could spare just $5 per month, we would be able to more than cover our expenses.  Please consider helping in this way. Even one match can start an explosion, Be Small But Mighty!

If you are considering Adopting: All listed adoption fees are 1/2 off. 

IN ADDITION, we will help with 1/2 the transport fee (up to $500 and dependent upon the use of one of our preferred transporters who give us better deals than commercial shippers). This applies for any Morgan adopted from the following categories on our website:


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Any Morgan adopted from a foster home will get 1/2 off the listed adoption fee. These horses are listed under: 


Please note: All adopters and fosters must be approved through our application process, which is now simplified with an online form.

AS ALWAYS, Fosters are the lifeblood of our program. We simply cannot do it without them. They alleviate the financial burden of board, but more importantly, they get to know these horses, tell their stories and make them more adoptable with each piece of information they share. If you don't want to commit to adopting, fostering is a generous and selfless way to make a difference for a Morgan in need. MSN does allow fosters to choose a horse they would like to get to know to potentially adopt if it is a skills fit and makes geographic sense. If a foster chooses to later adopt their chosen horse, transport fees are repaid to MSN. MSN will cover initial transport to foster (again, within reason. We cannot afford to send a Florida horse to foster in California, etc.). Foster homes have right of first refusal should an application come in on their foster (they are given 72 hrs to decide if they want to adopt). In this case, if a foster chooses to adopt before the special's 12/31/15 deadline, 1/2 off adoption fee and 1/2 off transport reimbursement will still apply. If a foster decides to adopt their foster horse after January 1, 2016, the regular adoption fees and full transport reimbursement will apply. 

Fosters and adopters who take on a horse should do so with the knowledge that the horse should be given every opportunity to acclimate to the new home and routine. If the horse does not work after reasonable attempts have been made, we will do our best to find a new situation for the horse. The not-so-fun part we have to say: This offer is not meant to be a try-and-see approach to adopting or fostering. If the new home does not give the horse a chance to settle in and horse needs to leave an adoptive of foster situation, MSN will look to recoup the transport costs when moving the horse to a new situation.


Help give some special Morgans a very Merry Holiday!!  Thanks for your support!

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MSNF is an APPROVED 501(c)(3)non-profit!

We are one year into Morgan Safenet, starting with our early recoveries of Maggie Mae and the two grade geldings, Tipper and Blackjack (who DNA proved to be Coachman's Stealth Nite). In MSNF's infancy, horses were being recovered and placed quickly. Over time, adopters and fosters have been slower in coming forward. At present, we have over a dozen horses in board, several others in foster and we need to call on you, our supporters, to help us continue our mission to help them. When horses come up at risk and they are pulled to safety, they are out the meat man's hands, but that is not the end of the work. It is truly just the beginning.

The work done here is meant to act as a collective safety net for Morgans at risk. In order for this to continue to function as a going concern, we need active participants on all levels. What, specifically do we need your help with?

• We need people to take a leap of faith and move past liking posts on our page

• We want to empower each other to step up and help Morgans in our local communities

• We need donations of funds to care for the ones we have already spoken for who are not yet in homes - board, farrier, vets, transport, DNA kits all cost money

• We need Morgan lovers talking about Morgans in need and networking to help them find homes

• Trainers: we need those of you with open stalls to consider our Foster & Prosper Program

• Most of all we need places for them to go after quarantine: foster homes, adopters, and trainers willing to take a chance on a rescue and join the Foster & Prosper program to get our recovered Morgans new jobs

MSNF was set up to be a joint networking effort to encourage all Morgan lovers to come together and help more Morgans at risk. There is no way for us to continue this without more support from the Morgan community. Horses are safe from the auction route and kill buyers when they hit quarantine but that is not the end of their journey. They cannot remain there. It's not financially feasible and it is not making the horse any more adoptable. MSNF also cannot be financially responsible for every Morgan at risk that is brought to our attention via private message or posting to the page. What we can do is continue to bring attention to their plights and be a clearing house for Morgans at risk.

I will say the harsh reality that likes and shares will not be enough alone to keep this program alive. We need more feet on the ground.

Thanks for your support and your understanding. You ideas, input and most of all action are needed to keep the lights on.

Colleen, Vicki & Lisa

Welcome To Morgan Safenet Foundation, Inc.

Optimizing the existing Morgan population through Recovery - Retraining - Rehoming.​​