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Optimizing the existing Morgan population through Recovery - Retraining - Rehoming.

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Costs incurred from taking in these horses, transportation to fosters, quarantine costs, and DNA fees are all items that add up.


Are you a trainer willing to take on a re-train a Morgan for a new job within the community? We'd love to talk with you.


We need more fosters in all areas who can take in and evaluate horses for skills they may be more suited for along with personality traits to be able to match these horses to suitable homes.

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MSNF has filed paperwork as a 501(c)(3)non-profit!

Morgan Safenet Foundation, Inc. has filed paperwork as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized under Texas law. Our pending EIN is 46-5031216. We partner with the public and other 501c(3) organizations to help network for Morgans at risk. All Morgans - whether they are registered, non-papered or crosses - are included in our efforts. Morgan Safenet's primary concern is the safety of the horses we have been called to serve. It is the vision of MSNF to create a network of empowered individuals within our communities to support, lead, protect, heal, comfort and shelter those who cannot speak for themselves. The HORSE is the focus of Morgan Safenet and we strongly feel a whole network of devoted individuals - a Safenet, if you will - is stronger together than any of the parts alone. 

The mission of Morgan Safenet is to give visibility to all groups and individuals who are looking to re-home Morgans who would otherwise be sent to auction and possibly end up in the hands of kill buyers. Morgan Safenet endeavors to provide support for Morgan rescue efforts nationwide, as well as to offer helpful advice to Morgan owners on topics ranging from weaning, farrier treatments, general health, training, QT providers, transport services and more. We also strive to be a resource for Morgan owners in need of assistance, whether that need is educational, financial or tactical. Our hope is that by providing a place for a strong network of Morgan family to come together, we can help the breed through the power unity and collective purpose. 

MSNF relies exclusively on private donations and fundraising to fulfill our mission. To donate and help give our Morgans - America's first breed - a second chance at life, simply click the donate button to the left.

MSNF applauds AMHA's vocal support of rescue efforts to preserve our breed. 

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